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Welcome to my photographs for sale page.
Here you can choose from my images that I offer up for sale. The proceeds of these sales will allow me to subsidise the accessible work I do across the UK. It hopefully will also help me to pay the annual web hosting fees that I pay, around £400 per year.
How this works?  Select the photograph you would like a copy of - e mail Peter with your selection, Pete will let you know his bank account details for you to make your payment.
Your photographs will then be sent to you electronically via return mail. You can then use the photographs as you wish- if posting or displaying publically then please credit the work to Peter Lau Photography.  The price of each photograph will be displayed in the work title of the image , ie 1) kestrel £40.00 
sincere thanks Pete (a


1) Close study Kestrel. £20.00


2) Robin on reed. £10.00


3) Wren on grass. £10.00

4) Bearded tits on reeds. £15.00
 5) Goldfinch angel. £15.00 As shown on Winterwatch 2024
cabbage white from pete lau.jpeg
6) Cabbage white on flower. £15.00
7) Kingfishers . £15.00
tawny-pete lau.jpeg
8) Tawny in the woods. £15.00
9) Backlit barn owl. £20.00
10) Angry stag,  £10.00
northern lights Mull.jpeg
11) Northern lights over Salen wrecks. £15.00
swallows. 2.jpeg
12) Swallow tending young. £15.00

13) Little owl. £20.00


14) Barn owl, hunting. £20.00

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