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7) Askham Bog Nature Reserve, located just off the A1036, York, North Yorkshire, YO23 2UB


Askham Bog Nature Reserve is a small nature reserve; in total it is of 44 hectares in size with approx 750 metres of accessible pathway. The Nature Reserve is owned and managed by the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, there is no entrance fee. Dogs are permitted as long as they are kept on a lead and remain on the path at all times.
This is mainly on wooden boardwalk – with a short downward section on dirt track, uphill on the route back to the carpark. Wetland, woodland. Reed Bed, overlooks some meadow, small water tributaries alongside the boardwalk.
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Please note and be warned – the boardwalk only has a small toe-board fitted on its edging - therefor great care must be taken to not to go over the edge of the boardwalk. At the side of the boardwalk is a drop into the actual bog.
The boardwalk is reasonably wide.
The site is accessed via a wide Bridleway style gate. The initial part of the approach track is sloped – which may be challenging for manual wheelchair users to self-propel down and back up.
Facilities: Carpark, rough ground but has reasonably level areas. There are no disabled parking areas provided. No café, no loos.
Route: From the carpark head to the gate (Leeds side of the carpark) near the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust Information sign. Go through the gate. The gate can be a little awkward so assistance may be needed.  After the gate head down the slope and bear left. This takes you along the side of the golf club. After a short distance you will then be on wooden boardwalk. 
The visitor can go in a number of directions as the boardwalk loops around the nature reserve.
Wildife and what to see.
This is an excellent site for all the common British species of birds and mammals. Treecreeper, Nuthatch, Kingfisher, Wren, all varieties of Tit, Deer, voles, stoats, and if your very lucky Otter.
This site is a very ancient site of scientific interest, many beautiful and old Royal Ferns, and many types of fungi. During the warmer months Dragon and Damsel flys , many types of butterfly and moths.
A really beautiful site to visit, do enjoy.

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