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27) Spurn Point & Kilnsea Wetlands, South of Kilnsea, Spurn Head, Hull, HU12 0UH.
Spurn Point. From the visitor centre to the end of the Spurn peninsular is about 3 miles.
Only very capable powered off road wheelchairs will be able to complete the sand and beach as it is soft and shifting sand.
Kilnsea Wetlands: From the car park at the visitor centre to Kilnsea Wetlands is approx 1 mile back towards Kilnsea. Kilnsea Wetlands Nature Reserve is also managed by the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust. Although it is a small nature reserve is does get a lot of wildlife for you to view.
Spurn Point Path- some small sections either side of the sand breached and storm damaged road are tarmac.
Only very capable powered off road wheelchairs will be able to complete the sand and beach as it is soft and shifting sand.
The Batec Scrambler is very capable but even with wider tyres fitted to my wheelchair it would struggle to make it across the sand section of the Spurn Point Trail.
Once at the far side of the breached road point you are back on tarmac.
Facilities on site:
The peninsular is managed by the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust , who also have a visitors centre here. A small cafe and disabled toilets are provided before the road reaches the section that was washed out during a storm. Spurn Point is free to visit bit you do have to pay to park in the car park, Blue Badge users are not exempt from charges - but this might change so check. It is free of charge to park if you are a member of a wildlife trust - you will need to display your membership card.
Yorkshire Wildlife Trust at Spurn are hoping to have a Boma Off-road wheelchair vehicle available for hire in the near future. Give them a call to see if this is available. 
Dogs are not allowed on the actual Spurn Point reserve, unless the dog is an accredited guide or an assistance dog. This is due to the many ground dwelling and nesting birds.
Dogs on leads are allowed on the Kilnsea Wetlands Nature Reserve,
What will you see:
Spurn Point is a stunning - amazing and wild place. Lots of visiting wildlife stop on  or just off the peninsulaer. Often quite rare species are recorded here. Owls, Deer, migrating birds resting.
Kilnsea Wetlands, again amazing species are recorded throughout the year.
No two days are the same at either location - both are rather special places.
Even if you just visit and do the wetlands and north section of Spurn you will be rewarded with special memories.  Nb these images are not mine.
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Kilnsea Wetlands Nature Reserve Map
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