There are many struggles as we all know when you have a disability. In my case being paralysed from the chest down presents its own issues. Wanting to get close enough to nature - then being able to photograph it, was quite a struggle.

My camera is a digital coupled up with a 150-600mm zoom lens. Difficult to manage when just in my normal wheelchair. I use and am so lucky to have a Batec Scrambler powered front wheel attachment. This has a rucksack that fits on the front. allowing me to carry heavy camera equipment with ease.

The Batec allows me to reach places I would simply not be able to access even with assistance. The range of the Batec Scrambler gives me more than 20 miles.

A real bonus of the Batec is that I can use it to help me hold and steady my heavy camera. I simply brace my elbows on the handlebars of the Batec. As I use off-road loop wheels  my std wheelchair brakes won't work. The Batec Scrambler has a handbrake fitted on each brake. Which gives me a stable and secure platform, allowing me to concentrate on capturing the pictures that I hope to achieve.

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