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14) Dove Stone Reservoir (RSPB), Bank Lane, Greenfield, OL3 7NE



My route is 6.27 miles, but this includes a very steep climb to Chew Reservoir. This is an optional add to what many call the standard route. It adds approx 1.2 miles return and involves a very steep in places hard standing wide track. The less hilly standard route is  about 5 miles.



Mainly on tarmac, wide track. Std route – a few steep but small hills that you may need a little assistance on. I have climbed this with a Mountain Trike which was hard work but doable. As I use a Batec Scrambler I have no issues. 


Added optional linear route to Chew Reservoir. 

This is one big climb, so only suitable for good quality electric mobility equipment. Some short sections are hard due to the surface being a little loose. I needed a push on a few bits. Also, the Batec motor did get very hot so cut out a couple of times due to the climb being huge, the terrain being steep. We made it to the top and my wife was still alive. A huge grin on my face. I do push my mobility equipment to its capabilities and sometimes beyond.


Facilities on site. Disabled parking, free if you have a blue badge. Toilets including disabled located in the car park. At busy times an ice cream van and burger van are often located in the car park. 

The site is free, but you do have to pay for parking unless you have a blue badge.


Dogs are allowed. Please note there may be Grouse, Pheasant and nesting birds on the ground so keep dogs on leads please.


I would suggest you avoid Dove Stone Reservoir at weekends as it gets extremely busy.


No steps, no styles. There are a couple of wide gates including on the added section to Chew Reservoir that can all be opened with a standard Radar key.


The route.

From the car park head up the hill. Stay to the right of the reservoir and go up past the sailing club. You come to a gate, on the right is the Radar key operated wide gate (please lock it). Keep going straight on. On your left is a small natural Memorial wood, wide gates. Often lots of interesting birds and insects to be found. After the wood keep heading up the path. You reach a wide bridge.


You can add the Chew Reservoir if you bear right and follow the steep path up, up and up. There are no barriers except a Radar key padlock on a 7-bar gate near about half the way up. It’s a testing climb for both mobility equipment and if like myself you wife is giving assistance when needed. Needless to say, Deb didn’t need to visit the gym after our outing today. If you get to the top – well done. On the way up and down you get amazing views and often great skies. When you get back to the bottom look out for a dirt path on your right that re-joins the standard route. The terrain on his is a little rutty and bumpy. There is also a couple of small streams to wheel through, (avoid if it has been raining recently, as the path will be filthy and the streams a little deeper).


Standard route. After the wide bridge over the stream you come to a junction. Bear left. 

You then have a short dog-legged climb that skirts the wood and then a level path on the SE side of Dove Stone Reservoir. 

At the end of the path is another wide bridge, just before it is an accessible picnic area. 


Back on the path - over the bridge and soon you are bearing left on the top dam path, very wide with great views on both sides.


At the end of this section is another wide bridge. After this bear left and climb – look for a gate on your left (again a Radar key). Through the gate and then you have a downhill section. Keep to the right of the path as it is smoother. It is a little steep in places.

This levels and you are now moving along the level path, reservoir on your left-woods on your right.


At the end of this path is a left turn down to the main dam path. Head along here to the end and back to the car park.


What might you see?

Lots of lovely flowers and Orchids along the route.

Many different fowl, many different songbirds. Short Eared Owls live in the woods on the SE side of Dove Stone Reservoir. I have also heard Tawny and caught a glimpse of a Little Owl. Swifts and Swallows. Peregrines are also known to nest in the rocky outcrops.

On the water lots of ducks and geese.


A beautiful location that I always enjoy regardless of the weather.

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