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11) Ingbirchworth Reservoir, Sheffield, S36 7GN.
No actual car park and ignore the sign for Ingbirchworth Treatment Plant. 
Parking is on street in the lovely village of Ingbirchworth. Park on the wide road running alongside a disused pub. 
Distance: 1.3 miles, mostly level or slight inclines with an option to add a further hilly 1.

Terrain: A mix of path, a few little but wide bridges over streams, some road sections.
No facilities or café. But a lovely small site (1.5 miles) to wander around. If your wanting a little more 2/3rds the way round you can go up a road called Annat Royd Lane and head up quite a long hill (.5mile to the top) great open aspect and distant views across a very beautiful county. There is also a nature reserve on the right at the top (opp the large windmills). But the nature reserve at the top of the hill is only suitable for mountain goats 
(not wheels) ….
From Wellhome Lane head into the reservoir paths, you pass through a gate that is very wide, so you won’t have a problem getting in. Once in there a few little slopes but nothing too strenuous. Just follow the path which leads you anti-clockwise around Ingbirchworth Reservoir. There are a few wide well-made bridges over streams. Look out for Brown Trout swimming in the stream as you cross.
Follow the path and soon you will have travelled around the back of the reservoir and will be heading along the far side. You will cross a wooden walkway and soon come to a bridge. Cross this and look out for a gap in the wall. It is approx. 66cm wide so was just wide enough for my wheelchair with off road wheels fitted. You could spend more time in the confines of the reservoir by not going through the gate and just staying on the path around the water – it’s a lovely old wood (not ancient) and has much to see. Be warned though at the end of this particular path is a very narrow gap in the wall. Definitely not suitable for a wheelchair. If you have gone further turn around and head back to the wider gap in the wall, turn left, - 
follow the road. Soon you come to a junction with Annat Royd Lane, you can add .5 miles on here and quite a hill climb on the tarmac road. It takes you up to a great vantage point at the top near the windfarm. There is a nature reserve on your right at the top, but it is NOT accessible in anyway.
Head back down the hill and turn right at the bottom junction. Follow the road around to the left then across the actual road that skirts the bottom of the reservoir. Head back to the car.
What can you see here?
Lots of birds usually, Corn Buntin, Lapwings, Curlew, Grebes, Heron, Swallow, Swift, many butterfly and moths. Damsel and Dragonfly. Deer.
Some really lovely plants full of insects and caterpillars.


The narrow gap that you can avoid. 

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