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59) Yorkshire Sculpture Park,(YSP), West Bretton, Wakefield, WF44LG.

Route description:
A mix of tarmac, hard standing paths, forrest path, reinforced stabilised path, unmade path, grassland, depending on your chosen route. My route today was approx 2.5 miles but you can go much further or shorter if you have the time and desire.

I head to the main visitor centre and go through it to enter the courtyard and indoor exhibits, I then do an anti clockwise tour of the main park. The route is now accessible as they have modified the narrow gate at the Dam Head bridge - meaning wheelchairs can either go through the gate - or if you need a wider passage use YOUR Radar key to open up the wider gate . Well done YSP and thanks for listening to those of us who asked you to look at what was a problem.

The site is set on farmland with reasonable farm style tracks, much hard standing, some grass paths, parts that are shallow gravel. Enough choice and different terrain to make a visit for everyone regardless to what type of mobility equipment you need and use. Some areas are quite hilly and I find I have to chose my route carefully as the slope and the loose terrain can cause my Batec to loose traction, nothing that. little push doesn't overcome. A 4 x wheel capable mobility vehicle shouldn't have any such problems. 

Facilities on site:
The YSP have much to offer the less able visitor. Ample blue badge and regular parking- free to park if you have a blue badge. You do have top prebook disabled parking when you purchase your tickets. At present the charging system is £6 per adult less for children. To claim a free carer ticket you need to ring up the ticket office. Do check the charging system that is in place and also confirm if you need to prebook ahead of your intended visit.

Plenty of disabled toilets that are of a great standard at a couple of locations around the park.
Dogs are permitted throughout the park except two areas where the wildlife is protected, these being Upper Lake and Menagerie Wood, registered guide and assistance dogs (wearing jackets) are permitted in these and any of the buildings / cafes / indoor exhibits. 

The YSP also have a fleet of Tramper Mobility Vehicles that a disable visitor can use free of charge. Best speak with the team at the YSP ahead of your visit if you wish to book and use one of these.

About the Yorkshire Sculpture Park.
The park is set in 500 acres of the the Yorkshire Countryside , largely an open air art gallery that has stunning masters displayed by Henry Moore, and at present Damien Hirst. The sculptures on display do change as does the indoor exhibits. 
The park has large wildlife area's and a vast lake, which has two islands, at the time of my visit many Herons were looking after their young in the canopy of the trees. Many types of fowl and geese breed here.  Do also keep an eye for Kingfishers and Grebes.

The woodland features many ancient tree's and wild flowers which attract many insects, dragon and damselfly, as well as many types of birds, such as woodpecker, warblers, treecreepers, etc.

I am not sure how many pieces of sculpture there are on the site, some are huge, some truly bizarre but all are a spectacular sight in their own right.

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