91) Deeside Way, Ballater, Aberdeenshire,Scotland.

The Deeside Way is a disused railway line that runs from Aberdeen to Ballater. This is 41 mile in total.
Running from the Old Royal Deeside Railway station  - all the way to Aberdeen.
The section we did starts in Ballater where there is ample free parking and some excellent cafe's and restaurants. The town also has a all abilities toilet, near the main car park.

Much is on hardened path, tarmac, and some sections that could be a little muddy. A few sections have inclines back down to a crossing point then up the other side - mainly at places were you have to cross the main road.  The section we did was Ballater to Cambus O May. At the Cambus O May there are two cafes, one is a bakery, the other a cheese manufacturer and cafe, this one has a disabled toilet too.

All good and sound, wide, no steps or stiles.

Ballater - lots of great places to eat and drink.
Cambus O May - two cafes.

Things to see:
Plenty of the usual birds around, during our visit we saw heron, blackbirds, thrush, robin, buzzard. You may be lucky enough to see red squirrel, deer, and golden eagle. We debated for a while if the large raptor we saw was a buzzard or a golden eagle. It was massive, and had very fingered wing tip feather wing tips? Its cry was also quite different from buzzards too - a more short blast shriek as opposed to the longer shriek...?


If you do visit Ballater - do take time to explore the town, lots of history and royal connections, with King George, Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, Queen Elizebeth 2nd and of course our new monarch King Charles 3rd.