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85) Ile-aux-Moines, island, Brittany, France.

Ile-aux-Moines is a fairly small island in the gulf of Morhiban.
Inhabited, with lots of shops, cafe's, restaurants and bars. It is in the shape of a cross, you can reach most parts in a wheelchair, mobility scooter. The only minus is that you have to bring your own mobility vehicle. Bike hire is good for those who can pedal.

You reach the island by first parking in the carpark and then head to the ticket office on the seafront at Port Blanc, taking a regular water taxi (ferry), costing a mere 7 euros return. The crew of these ferries are great at ensuring despite your ability of mobility needs - you are well looked after and able to make the passage. Boats, wheelchairs etc can be a testing time but in all honesty I really enjoyed my journeys by boat. I felt at ease and safe at all times - so PLEASE! if in this area make sure you give them a go.

Facilities on the island:
Inclusiveness and all abilities are well catered for, both sides of the passage. so nothing to worry about amenities wise. At various locations on Ice-auz-Moines there are unisex and accessible toilets!! how fabulous. 

You can explore as much or as little of the island as you wish, we did about 10km in total, excluding the short boat trip-which is only a few hundred metres. 

Tarmac, road, path, trail, and woodland (if you go off-piste). A few hills bit nothing too steep. Be aware that the roads are narrow and the locals and tourists like to make progress- so be road aware...

Several of the beaches are reachable on wheels- but always get someone to check for hazards of your intended route, some lead to steps- some lead to quite rutty - tree rooted paths.

The first time we visited this island I had a puncture on my Batec- thankfully my family wanted to keep me and so arranged a van to come and collect me, after Migel and Lucas (out family) did marathon relays to arrange the rescue parties etc.... learning point - be as self sufficient as you can be, take a puncture repair kit...

What will you see?
lots of marine birds, birds of prey above, plenty of green woodpecker calling, and egrets. Much of the island has lots of insect attracting plants- so butterflies are plenty... Oh and always lookout for lizards as there are many. 

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