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80) Slaithwaite to Standedge Tunnel End, Marsden, Huddersfield, HD7 5AS

This route is about 3.3 miles so 6.6 approx for a "there and back again" route. 

Mostly canal towpath, short section on gravel, numerous sections on cobbles at the side of the locks. Varying degrees of slope angle but ok for most powered wheelchair / mobility scooters.
Can be quite muddy. One very small section of the towpath is narrow due to a large pothole - but with care there is enough room to get past safely. Some of the cobble slopes are very steep but there are easy alternative ways around these. A section as you enter Marsden requires you to leave the canal side and go on the normal paths. then return.

You can park at the numerous car parks in Slaithwaite, if you park at Upper Mill make sure you pay and display and return before the parking ticket expires as there is a hefty penalty. Blue Badge parking is not exempt at Upper Mill from charges.

Cafe's , plenty in Slaithwaite but the Homemade Bakery at Upper Mill is great and has a disabled toilet. 
Tunnel End, Standedge, Marsden, cafe and disabled toilet at the Tunnel End Visitor Centre.
Limited parking places at Tunnel End Standedge.

From Slaithwaite- head up the valley towards Marsden, canal on your right!.  The path here is wide but can be muddy.

Numerous locks which have varying slopes at the side, some on cobbles, some gritty. Some have little drains or raised edges to negotiate over. Powerchairs, mobility scooters ( bigger wheeled versions, and such as Batec will be ok -on a couple of sections I with my Batec needed a little assistance due to front wheel spin.

There are a few narrower sections but these are passable with care, one large pothole means a part is worth taking extra care.

As you make your way up the route some of the cobbled slopes are very steep, if you look to your left you will see an alternative way up which is far easier and safer. As an example on one of these even fit cyclists had to get off and push!.

As you come into Marsden you will reach  a very steep lock side cobbled slope, before here you can leave the canal bank towpath and take a track to your left. This leads you to Whitehouse Hill Road, enter this and follow left down into Marsden, then turn right into Station Road, follow top to the train station and rejoin the canal towpath following the signs to Tunnel End Standedge.
On this section stay to the left of the path so not to get too near the waters edge!!

I noticed many walkers seem to want to encourage you to pass them whilst they stay near the side away from the waters edge whilst I went nearer the waters edge, top tip!! hold your position or stop till they pass you!.

Leave the canal taking a left hand path before you get to Tunnel End as again the last slope is very steep and narrow.  This takes you past a wooden play area, over a bridge where you turn left to reach the cafe and visitor centre.

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