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78) Chatsworth Estate, gardens and ground, Derbyshire,  Bakewell DE45 1PP.

Chatsworth House, gardens, ground and estate is located a few miles away from Bakewell in Derbyshire. The ancestral home to the current Duke & Duchess of Devonshire.

Built and developed in the 16th century the house hosts a vast multimillion pound art and historic collection of tapestry, furniture and pottery. The very large majestic house is covered with extra architectural stone statues, ornate structures and opulence such as the gold leaf. The formal gardens and enormous fountain is a sight to behold when it is operating. Much of the estate is also accessible - but it is vast. Less mobile visitors can use either wheelchairs, or one of the number of mobility scooters available free to loan - it is recommended that you book these ahead of any planned visit.
The estate also provide a buggy tour - on electric golf cart type vehicles.

The house and gardens have also been the backdrop for many tv and film productions.

Visitors can visit the estate and pay £5 to park and visit the grounds, if you wish you can also pay the extra fees and visit the gardens and house. If required a free carer ticket can be secured when you book.
Much of the house , gardens and estate are accessible, manual wheelchairs / smaller mobility scooters for the house and power chair / mobility scooters everywhere else. Please see the official web site for further info on tickets, parking and full facilities.

My route was just part of the estate, visiting a number of large sculptures that are on display from the Burning Man festival in Nevade, USA. Very large metal sculptures - many being interactive and also shoot fire from each during darkness.
We did 2.6 miles as time was limited on the day of our visit, but plan to stay longer and you can rack up many more miles if you wish...So forgive me for not detailing a prescribed route as it is great to set out, enjoy and explore.

Tarmac, paths, courtyard, gravel track, a few moderate slops to negotiate, you can also use the grass paths but these may be difficult depending if they are wet or how capable any mobility equipment you might be using is.

Facilities on site:
Blue badge parking ( you still have to pay), much of the carpark is sloped so if not careful you may find transferring to a wheelchair a little testing. If you park at the top of the carpark (left side) of the actual house then the ground is level.
There are a number of disabled toilets, and a nice cafe. 

Dogs are permitted in the grounds / estate but please keep under control as there are deer and sheep.
Guide and assistance dogs are permitted in the house and formal gardens. 

What might you see?
Deer, Wagtails, mandarin ducks, geese, heron, kingfisher, stoat, weasel, buzzards, kestrel and many other species.

During our visit there was a further display in the grounds - many very large sculptures - brought over from the Burning Man festival in Nevada.

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