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67) Teignmouth Seafront, Grand Pier, Upper Den Carraigeway, Promenade, Teignmouth                TQ14 8BB

A slightly different kind of route for route no 67, a seaside breakwater wander.

My route is 3:38 miles long (a return loop to Sprey Point and back) from the main pier.

Tarmac, pavement, concrete surface. If you have a capable mobility scooter etc then you could also go onto the beach.

Facilities on site:
Plenty of parking on street - but these fill up fast so we went early. Parking on the street is free for Blue Badge users. Plenty of cafe's in the town of Teignmouth. There is also a toilet block adjacent to the pier, a radar key gives access.

Dogs permitted on one part of the beach towards the east side of the seafront.

Teignmouth is a very accessible seaside resort, plenty of drop kerbs and great seafront for wheeling around on. They have installed ramps over the sea front path stairs which are excellent. 

My route starts from the pier area and follows the seafront path heading east. This path continues to a place called Sprey Point and slightly beyond if you wish. The further east part of the route follows and is a path on top of the breakwater wall. You have a railway on your left were the trains (separated to you by a low wall) whizz past at 60 mph. On your right is a big unprotected drop to the beach- now people who don't like heights or big exposed drops on the path can simply stay close to the wall. Its a good wide path so shouldn't case any issues. The surface is a little bumpy in places but again not a great problem. After Sprey Point you can head a little further to the end of the path. At the end of the path is a cafe - tho an able bodied person would need to help you here as the cafe is accessed via stairs and an underpass that is not accessible.

I loved this route as there were plenty of seabirds , seals on the rocks, and if your lucky Dolphin in the bay. The bushes along the path and at the picnic area were covered in butterfly too. After the wander do head to the Riveria Hotel in the town for afternoon tea, a scone with cream/jam, jam /cream etc!!

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