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57) Haw Park Wood, (Anglers Country Park, Wakefield, WF4 2EB

The start point for the wander is at Anglers Country Park, as featured in route No 57

Route: My route is almost 3 miles in length tho there are many other tracks spurring off, and also the Trans-Pennine Cycle route that can be accessed from Haw Wood and Anglers Country Park.

Terrain: Most is on wide dirt track - so it will be quite muddy if its been wet or is raining. Today wasn't too bad. There are a few little sneaky hills to climb but nothing most mobility equipment will be able to tackle.

There are a few open access gaps next to car barriers but the gap is wide enough for all mobility equipment. There are also a few Radar key locked gates to get through- should be doable if you are on your own.

Facilities on site:
At Anglers Country Park there are disabled toilets, a lovely and reasonable cafe, ample Blue Badge parking. A small fee is charged for none Blue Badge car parking.

Dogs are permitted in both the Anglers Country Park and in Haw Park Wood.

About the site and what might you see.
Haw Park Wood is part of a historic country house estate - owned by Charles Waterton, it was finished in 1826. It was the first actual nature reserve ever created - due to Waterton's love of the natural world. He installed wildlife viewing points, towers and hides. He also had habitat areas created - and so bird boxes were born. He also was famed for buying live Hedgehogs and setting them free on his huge estate - little did he know that in 2021 Hedgehogs would be considered as being "at risk" in the UK.

A very lovely forrest that is well managed and has much to explore.

Deer, mice, fox, Badgers (likely) many types of small birds and a good selection of predators. We saw a Merlin which was a lovely sight.

So if its been dry of late do visit and enjoy perhaps one of the most historic nature reserves / spaces in the UK.

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