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54) Skelton Lake and Nature Trail, located behind Skelton Motorway Services, Junction 45 of the M1, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS9 0AS.
3 miles or more if you head to the canal bank and further.
Starts on path as the motorway services, access the nature and lake area via an A frame gate at the rear of the motorway services.
Then on dirt path, warning very rutted, and it has to be said - VERY VERY MUDDY!
Very suitable for dry skinned hippos! You have been warned, lol.
I did hope we could loop up to Temple Newsham -hence the spur off the route- but sadly due to a large concrete block this is impossible if your wheelchair dependant.
Park at the motorway services, lots of cafes, loos and facilities.
Parking is free for 2 hours - if stopping longer most people park on the road just outside the services area.
Dogs permitted.
I was in two minds wether to include this location as a site, probably the muddiest - most rutted route Deb and I have done. But if you don't mind getting very muddy (unless you go when its been dry) then give it a go. Also you would need quite a capable piece of mobility equipment , I needed a steady hand from Deb at times to keep moving. On the far side sadly a 4x4 has been joy riding so the flat area is very rutted.
What might you see:
Fowl, gulls, geese, smaller songbirds, swans , heron, waders, finch, tits. Look out for small mammals too.
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