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34) Wortley to Penistone Trans Pennine Trail.
Address, park in Pennine Equine car park at Cote Green Farm, Wortley, S35 7DH.
Or park at the Penistone end, Julies Café car park, at 4 Stottercliffe Road, Penistone, S36 6EB, and do the route in reverse.
My route is a 10 mile return trip but was only limited to 10 miles because it was a warm day, my wife and our friends were on mountain bikes and we had left our dog Merlin at home. 
You can do as many miles as you wish as this route is on the Trans Pennine shared use cycle, bridleway and footpath. I will supply the web site links at the end of this route suggestion. There are a lot more miles to explore if you want a full day out.
Steam trains used to run on this now disused railway line – so gradients are very steady. As a Batec Electric powered front wheelchair attachment user you hardly notice the hills, but hills tho gradual there are.
Much of the route is hard standing, a few boggy bits and a few good piles of what horses like to deposit! Very gradual hills, wide track, a few very wide A frames (wide enough for any mobility equipment to pass. No steps and no stiles.
At the Wortley start car park the first obstacle is a drainage gulley across the entrance to the car park, there is also a sneaky slightly steeper and gravely hill down to the actual Trans Pennine trail.
Facilities on site:
Car parking at both the Wortley and Penistone ends of this route are level and spacious. Both are free parking. Amazing café at the Penistone end car park with outside seating and they have a disabled toilet inside the café, Julies Cafe. Great food, and very reasonable.
No such luxuries at the Wortley end! No café, no toilets.
Dogs are allowed on this route. There are a few roads to cross if you chose a longer route but drop kerbs and wide A frames are provided so you will not have any access issues.
Either join the Trans Pennine Trail at Wortley ( to the trail and turn right) or Penistone (get on the trail and turn right). There are many other places to explore on the longer trails.
Trans Pennine Accessbility info, lots of great info on this one.
What will you see?
Lots of lovely scenery, wildflowers line your route. Look out for many different small birds, Raptors often seen above you.
Butterfly, Moth, many types of insect. Rabbits, Hare, Deer, Vole, fieldmice.
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