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30) Dunham Massey House, National Trust, Dunham Massey Hall, Altincham, WA14 4SJ.

4,7 miles, though you can lengthen or shorten your route.
Mostly on wide tarmac path, some sections on woodland wide compacted path, some optional sections on well cut grass. There are a few gradual hills but these can be missed out. The main path around the deer park is fairly level and good for wheels.
Facilities on site:
Plenty of good parking, Disabled parking available, free to park and free admission for National Trust Members. If your not a member then you will have top pay to park and enter the grounds.
A lovely visitor centre and excellent cafe with disabled toilets..
The staff in the visitor centre will happily give you a map to help you find you way around.
Footpaths are easy to follow. The main hill section is down to the old preserved water mill. You can miss this out to avoid the hill.
Plenty of lovely level paths to follow, a few large wide gates to pass - built to keep the parks deer in. 
What might you see?
I guarantee you will see at least two species of deer! The deer here are well used to people and will come quite close. If your eating take care as they are quite greedy.
Lots of Rabbits and Hares.
Many types of birds around the grounds.
In the extensive grounds you will see many wildflowers and many species of butterfly and moths.
A beautiful place to visit.
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