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23) Ogden Water Country Park, Ogden Lane, Halifax, HX2 8XZ.
My route is only 2.2 miles in length. There are a number of bridleways linking Ogden Water Country Park to surrounding moorland but I have not tested these.
The main part of the route around the reservoir is reasonably level. There are couple of hills. One from the carpark down to the reservoir. Not massively steep and downhill. Then at the end of the route you have to climb back up the hill. Not massively steep but quite long, if self-propelling yourself in a manual wheelchair your arms will get tired, you may need some assistance.
Most of the route is on woodland dirt trail, quite wide, a few sections on tarmac.
There are a couple of gates that require a Radar key to open fully. Some assistance may be required as the gates are accessed by a concrete sloped area. On one the gate falls away from you when you open it - meaning its difficult to pull it back toward you to resecure it. The other gate involves negotiating the gate and fence which narrows causing some degree of awkwardness if your on your own.
Facilities on site:
Car parking area , a few disabled bays on a slight slope.  Parking is free but you are asked to pop £0.50p into an honesty slot.
There is a toilet block and disabled toilet. This is adjacent to the small cafe, near the Promenade.
Dogs are permitted by please keep on a lead. At certain times of the year various algae are present in the water so best keep dogs away from the actual reservoir.
From the main car park head west to a gate. There is a dropped kerb. Go through the wide gate and head down the path. A little hilly but all downhill. Bear right at the bottom and follow the path. The path then bears left over a wide bridge. Keep left all the way around the reservoir. Another wide bridge to cross.
Eventually after a Radar key gate you bear left onto the reservoir road- named the Promenade. 
The little cafe and toilet block are located off the hill as you make your way back to the car park.
What might you see.
Lots of fowl on the reservoir. Small birds in and around the dense forest. A number of Owls are frequent visitors / resident. A number of different species of Bat live at Ogden too. 
I often see Deer in the woods.
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