21) Rothwell Country Park, Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, Bullough Lane, Rothwell Collery, Rothwell, Leeds LS26 0JY,
The site covers 52 Hectares, my route is up to 4 mile if you do the full circular route.
The site is very hilly so a charged battery and reasonably capable mobility scooter or powered front wheel attachment such as a Batec or similar is a must.
The route starts on a downward tarmac or pathed road. Then you are on reasonably wide path and track. 
There are a couple of A frames to get through but these are quite wide. I will measure the width on my next visit here.
From the tarmac road you have a few options. Go left a do a loop that is mainly on grass. Do not go to far as the path becomes quite rough. You will see a few sculptures around the whole site. If doing the short left hand loop - follow the grass path to the right after the small wooden copse. This brings you back to the main track and signpost. From here I head straight and up the tarmac hill ( across a wide bridge). stay to the right and follow the path up the hill. There are a couple of smaller ponds to view. Ignore the sign for the vantage point at the top of the hill as this track is not suitable for those of us on wheels. Unless you have a very capable 4 wheeled scooter. Go straight on and follow the track as it goes left. Soon and after going through trees you will come to a slope. The section straight ahead has quite a number of drainage gullies and the surface is fairly uneven, instead bear right and go down the hill using the more smooth and more gradual slope. This takes you back to the footpath that you cam in on. 
Once you get back to the signpost you can turn right - this eventually leads to the canal, and that's were I turn around - head back up the hill and to where I park my vehicle.
What might you see?
All the usual small birds, Jay, Gn Woodpecker, Goldfinch, Swallow, Swift, Moorhen, Coot, Heron, Lark, and many others. Lots of different wildflowers and insects. Butterfly and Moths.
Facilities on site:
No actual car park - but you can park on Bullough Lane.
No visitor centre, no cafe and no toilets.
Dogs are allowed.
Sadly lots of dog walkers use the site so take care where you wheel.
No stiles, no steps and no gates to negotiate.
A nice but small site with lovely views from the higher ground.