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12) Bempton Cliffs Seabird Centre (RSPB), Cliff Lane, Bempton, YO15 1JF
Distance: up to 2 miles if you go right to the end of the accessible sections.
Terrain: mostly wide tarmac, then some single path, small section on grass. 
Mostly even with a little gentle slope.
Facilities on site. Disabled parking, accessible toilet, accessible visitor centre, accessible café.
Off road mobility scooter can be pre-booked – payment is via a donation to the RSPB (see their web site link below).
Dogs are permitted as long as they are kept on leads.
Visiting is free for RSPB members- if you are not a member then it costs £6 for an adult – 
1 x carer are free of charge.
All of the wooden viewing stages have designated wheelchair user viewing points, with lowered rails so you get to see the cliffs and birds.
Bempton Cliffs is one of my favourite destinations. !00 ft high chalk cliffs formed in the Jurassic period, that are home to one of Europe’s largest seabird colony. It is also the most accessible sea cliff reserve that I have ever visited.
The route is straightforward with well defined paths. There are a few little sections that are not classed as being accessible, but these are not paths that I have explored. 
What will you see?
Between March to October over half a million seabirds gather here.
A huge Gannet nursery, Razorbills, Fulmar. Puffins nest here usually between May and mid-June, where they raise their young before heading back out to sea.
In the fields from the visitor centre are resident Barn Owls, but as we visited early afternoon, we didn’t see them. You will see many other small birds in the fields. Many raptors also visit the site – you may see a sudden darting bird and the chaos its presence causes.
In the meadows – many types of insect, Butterfly. Mammals too but if the Owls are about then they keep out of sight. There are also remnants of the old RAF Station that was at Bempton during the 1940’s. Concrete structures that formed a radar post.
Look out to sea too. Bempton Cliffs are a great vantage point for spotting Dolphin, Porpoise, Minke Whale, Seals, recently Orca and larger whales have been seen.
Well worth a visit and lots to see.
Some interesting and informative links.

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