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10) Scout Dike Reservoir, Huddersfield Road, Penistone, Thurlstone, Sheffield, S36 7GF.


The route around Scout Dike Reservoir is 2.2 miles around. There are a number of footpaths leading off the main path, but I have not explored these and feel they are not suitable for wheelchair / mobility / powered attachment users.


Dogs are allowed on leads. No café, no toilets on site.


Plenty of disabled parking in the car park but note there is a height restriction barrier to prevent larger / higher vans entering. The height limit is 6ft 6 inch maximum.


The route I researched is well marked / easily followed. 



The paths are of a good width and are well made, well drained. A couple of bridges but these are very wide so will not cause you a problem.


A few inclines to tackle – not long and not that steep – but if self- propelling in a manual wheelchair you may need a little assistance, unless you have very strong arms.


No steps, no stiles.

1 x A frame to get passed at the very end of the walk, or you can simply turn around and retrace your steps and go back the way you have already travelled. Width 52cm at the narrowest upper section. 

As I use a Batec Scrambler – I was able to lower the handlebars and pass through the obstacle. It is quite wide at the bottom so manual wheelchairs will pass ok – Mountain Trikes and mobility scooters may be too wide. The gap at its narrowest is 52cm wide.


From the car park head to the bottom far corner of the parking area -towards the actual exit road. The accessible path is found just after the map and signposts on your right. 

Follow this well-made wide path and it will lead you all the way (anti-clockwise) around the reservoir. Along the route you have a couple of bridges to cross, but both are wide enough for mobility scooter / wheelchair users.


After 1 miles you will reach the reservoir wall section of the route. At the end of this section you turn right and head up the steepest hill back to the car park. At the top of this hill climb is the A bar gate (width 52 cm) If you cannot pass through this you will have to retrace your route and go back the way you came.

What might you see?


The path wanders through lovely woodland and at the side of crops and scrub. Lots of butterfly and moths were out during our visit (in June). 

Many visiting fowl, resident Gt C Grebes and Mallard. Also, a number of Cormorants seem to live on site. We were lucky to see a pair of Sparrowhawks, a Buzzard, and Lapwing. We also saw a good number of Corn Bunting and other moorland birds. Many large trout jumping for flies which was nice to observe.


So a little site but with lots of wildlife to see on a good day.

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